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What Makes Us Different

Coventry Scaffolding is no ordinary London scaffolder - and not just because of our name. Coventry Scaffolding is the only London scaffolding company to hold the Royal Warrant; companies are eligible for the Royal Warrant only when they have completed at least five years of exemplary service to the Royal family.

Since Patrick Hanifan established the business in 1950 in South London, the everyday running has remained a family venture; Patrick’s sons, Perry and Paul, now manage Coventry Scaffolding.  Our professional and passionate long-standing staff form the backbone of the company, and an impressive number have worked at Coventry for 20 years or more. Many have security clearance and safety qualifications, so we can guarantee that each and every scaffold will be safe, secure, efficient.

The company is also renowned for emergency scaffolding work; we proudly sport the title of ‘The 24 Hour Emergency Scaffolders’. Quick thinking, dedicated staff and an effective health and safety policy means we are always prepared and have a history of arriving first on the scene when buildings and monuments in London are damaged and in need of scaffold towers.

So why Coventry? After all, the company is based in London. Well, it’s because the Midlands was heavily damaged during WWII, and company founder Patrick Hanifan associated the scaffolding industry with the rebuilding work in Coventry. There were plans to change the name to something that evoked a sense of London, but the company went from strength-to-strength and the name stuck.

Find out more about our history here.

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