Temporary Roofs

A large part of Coventry Scaffolding’s business involves the erection of temporary roof structures as either an addition to an existing scaffold structure or as a stand-alone scaffold structure. Temporary roofs protect a construction project from weather, dust and environment damage.

The design and erection of temporary roofs has changed drastically over the years, with developments in the system scaffolding markets; components such as wider spans are now achievable.

Coventry Scaffolding still carry out temporary roofs using the ‘traditional’ corrugated iron sheets but, since the early to mid 1990’s, also offers the new system roof from Haki®.

Coventry Scaffolding maintains a large stock of the Haki system roof, so large covered areas can be erected without the need for intermediate support.

Haki’s latest product – the HAKITEC® 750 roof system – has already become a firm favourite with Coventry, with deeper beams meaning even greater spans are possible.

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