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It is believed the construction sector accounts for more air pollution, water pollution and noise complaints than any other industry, which is why, here at Coventry Scaffolding, we consider our impact on the environment in every aspect of our day-to-day business. Find out more about the steps we take to ensure sustainable practices and minimise our environmental impact in this blog.

Monitoring and minimising site waste

Although scaffolding does not produce as much waste as other areas of the construction industry, we still take actions to minimise any waste we are responsible for. Our waste management procedures include, reusing and recycling materials, employing methodical processes, and ensuring the efficient use of resources. Our site waste is only transferred to an authorised person and is removed in accordance with legislation by registered carriers to licensed tips.

Using sustainable suppliers

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the products and services we use are environmentally acceptable. Due to the nature of our business, we use a significant amount of wood, which is one of our biggest environmental concerns. To mitigate our impact, we source our scaffolding boards from PEFC-certified suppliers, so we can be confident they come from sustainably managed forests. In 2020, we planted 70 trees in the National Forest in celebration of our 70th anniversary, as a way of replenishing some of the resources we have used.

Controlling water, noise and dust pollution 

We take steps to reduce and control different types of pollution caused by our site activities. Our standard procedures ensure we minimise water consumption and control ground, river and coastal water pollution. We implement a ‘good neighbour’ policy and take necessary steps to reduce noise pollution. Another vital element of preventing pollution is our commitment to comply with the Montreal protocol by ensuring that ozone-depleting gases, such as CFCs and halons are not discharged into the atmosphere.

Protecting natural habitats

When carrying out our work, we always aim to avoid disturbing natural habitats and protect all forms of wildlife, flora and fauna. We often work on heritage sites, including Grade I and II listed buildings, where particular care needs to be taken to prevent damage to the existing structure and its surroundings. We take all possible precautions and, in the rare occasion of an incident, it is investigated, reported, and preventative action is taken to avoid it being repeated.

Staff training

All our staff receive the training required to allow them to carry out their roles in accordance with the latest environmental legislation, regulations, and good practice standards. Our Environmental Policy sets out the actions we are taking to achieve our business’ sustainability objectives. This is available for our staff, suppliers, and clients to refer to at any time on our company website.

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