Coventry Scaffolding passes annual NASC audit


We are delighted that, once again, we have passed our NASC audit with flying colours. The rigorous annual audit forms a vital part of becoming and remaining an NASC member and sets our confederation and it’s members apart from others. For example, did you know that to be an NASC member, a minimum of 75% of all yard and site operatives must be directly employed. Did you also know that members must have a minimum of 90% of it’s scaffolding operatives registered with the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CIRS) or that companies must be trading for two years before entry will be considered. So if you are considering employing a non-NASC company, ask yourself why they have made the decision not to be members.

The NASC and its various committees have been at the forefront of writing most of the safety guidance available to our industry today as well as training, technical, product and contract guidance. It is impossible to say what our industry would look like without the NASC and much praise must go to Robin James, who has been at the helm for many years.

As one of the longest-serving members of the NASC, we are proud to see how the industry has evolved, mainly due to NASC, and whilst there is still much to be done to improve health and safety, the industry is a better place for it.

See our certificate here.

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